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About Comfortable Sage Auto Care

Our aim is to make you comfortable.

Why CS Auto Care Service

Our expertise covers all types of automotive repair services, including: Auto Repair, Brake Repair, Muffler Repair, transmission Repair. Whatever the case may be, our hi-tech expert technicians are on standby to fix the problem and get you back on the steering.

The GOOD NEWS: If the situation of your car will require much time and you need to be somewhere at the time. Don’t worry, we can take you to you to your destination while we pick your vehicle for repair.


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We Help Families/Individuals Take Care Of Their Vehicles
We understand how tough it is to entrust your car (s) to most mechanics who in most cases cause more harm than good to your vehicle. Let’s give your car a top-notch auto care solutions.

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service. Our personal commitment and attention is unmatched by other auto repair companies. We listen to customers and give recommendations on the maintenance issues of their vehicle - all with no pressure. If you’re in doubt, we’ll check it out! Just give us a call to schedule an appointment or to ask any questions you may have

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Our Commitment

We are highly committed to creating an excellent experience by providing every family and their cars with an exceptional, dependable, top notch, reliable, premium quality and affordable solutions for luxurious automobile care. - You don’t have to worry about anything. -We got your cars maintenance covered.

Why Choose Us?

Simple – We care you and your vehicles Being available for our customers and their vehicles at every time is what CS Automobile care is built upon. We don’t just use technical know-how on our work, we leverage proven advanced automotive repair methods to satisfy our customers and preserve trust and loyalty. Call us and we will be there.

Our Vision

To be a respected brand name and a leader in automobile intelligence solutions across the globe.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with the best automotive care services.

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We are always at your service to attend to your automotive issues with premium quality, integrity and honesty.