Clutch Repair Service

Clutch Repair Service

Every vehicle require crutch repair service
Negligence to regular clutch service can cause different kinds of problems that can result to high clutch repair or replacement costs. Clutch replacement can be a way too expensive and it’s something every car owner should avoid at all cost. In most cases, some inexperienced auto repair shops may notice a problem with your car clutch and recommend a replacement. This could be at a result of lack of technical know-how or rather laziness to do what needed to be done to repair the clutch. CS Automotive Care is the company you can trust to when it comes to clutch repair and maintenance. Our ASE certified technicians are proficient in providing a lasting clutch solutions so fast. You don’t have to worry about your vehicle spending so much time at mechanic shop, we can fix your car before one could say Jacobs Robinson and this makes all our customer happy.
Our Experience
We are the most experienced clutch repair company in Nigeria, having repair and replaced thousands of clutches. You can bet our technicians are highly proficient in clutch repair. You have nothing to worry about. We have the required tools to give your vehicle a premium quality clutch service either repair or replacement followed suit after our auto inspections of your car to accurately decipher what is wrong with your clutch. No guessing. Your repair will be done right way, it doesn’t take too long.

Signs of Clutch failure

Slipping of clutch

The engine accelerates but the car doesn't move.

Clutch Chatter

There is vibrations of the car when the clutch is released.

Hard to Shift

Having a hard time putting the transmission into gear could be as result of clutch failure.

Hard Pedal

Very hard to push in the clutch pedal

At CS Automobile Care, our no.1 priority with every of the services we offer is to earn and build trust with all our customers.

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