Differential Repair

Differential Repair

The differential allows your left and right wheels to turn at different speeds when you’re making turns
Comfortable Sage Auto Care is the top service and repair provider in Abuja for your automotive differential services and automobile repair. The differential is the component of your car’s drivetrain that allows your left and right wheels to turn at different speeds when you’re making turns. Differential part is stationed between your two wheels and are glued to each wheel by an axle shaft.
Our Differential services include:

Differential Diagnosis

At CS Automotive Care, our first service to our customers is a complete free inspection of your vehicle our professional technicians to determine the main problem and get proffer a solution to it immediately.

Differential Rebuild Repair

CS Automobile Care perform a thorough automotive differential rebuild service. At the cost of rebuilding your differential, all parts are fully inspected and replaced if need be with nothing less than quality and highly recommended parts and components.

Differential Fluid Repair

The fluid in your car’s differential plays an important role in keeping the pinion gears, ring gear, and axle bearings greased and cooled. Our team of technicians at Comfortable Sage shop highly recommend a change of your differential fluid at least every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

Differential Parts Repair

CS Automobile Care Service is your number one best differential parts repair in Abuja.

Signs of Differential problem
  1. Rear Differential noise
  2. Vibrations of the car at high speeds
  3. Puddles of fluid at the front or rear of the car beneath the differential, etc.

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