Engine Repair & Replacement

Engine Repair & Replacement

there’s a lot more to do with maintaining your engine than just getting your oil changed
Did you know there’s a lot more to do with maintaining your engine than just getting your oil changed? With CS Automotive Care, you can have peace of mind when you bring your vehicle to us for engine repair or replacement.
We don’t just replace your car engine, we run a thorough check/inspection with each oil change interval alerting you to any safety concerns or leaks that we find that could cause expensive repairs if left unattended. As a car owner, keeping your car’s engine in good maintenance will save you not only cost of replacement or high damage but emergency break down on the road.
Engine repair maintenance and replacement can be properly done right here in Nigeria at CS Auto.
Our Engine Repair Replacement Services
As the leading automobile shop in Abuja, we do perform all types of engine repair and replacement as well. Our philosophy is to enlighten every of our customers about what need to be done to avoid either costly engine repair or replacement. We have helped all our customers enjoy a safe and reliable vehicle for a long ride without having any serious engine problem just by paying attention to some of our recommendations and services to keep their car engine in good shape.
  1. Regular oil change as at when due.
  2. Engine tune up: When you don’t maintain your vehicle with a regular tune-up, there is every possibility you might run into serious issues that could result to costly repair. You don’t want have a breakdown on the road.
  3. Timing Belt: There is usually no sign of timing belt breakdown, it just happen. However, we recommend a replacement at every 60,000 to 100,000 miles (acknowledged by highly rated auto mechanics as well). Replacing timing belt before it broke can be quite cost effective, so taking a preventive major which involves a check at CS Automotive Care will save you money.
  4. Timing Chain: If your car doesn’t have a timing belt, sure it will have a timing chain instead. Timing chain works just like timing belt, but in this case, it is made from steel and is bathed in oil for lubrication.

    Bring your car for a complete inspection at CS Automobile Care. If there is need for replacement we will find out after the inspection.
Other engine services you can get from CS Automobile care include, head Gasket Repair, etc. Our Automotive Care is your best choice for engine repair and replacement.

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