Tune Up Service

Tune Up Service

We provide a unique tune-up service using premium parts to give your vehicle a perfect maintenance
Want to enjoy a smooth to your destination? You might be interested in installing quality tune up parts in your vehicle. The condition or rather the lifespan of every vehicle depends on how much maintenance it gets (exclusive unforeseen incident like accident) and who render the maintenance services.
At CS Automotive care shop, we provide a unique tune-up service using premium parts to give your vehicle a perfect maintenance. When you bring your vehicle to our shop, our technician will start the tune up process by removing and inspecting all worn parts.
We run a close inspection of the cap, rotor, and spark plugs to help identify the real problems in your engine. We certified technicians will also double check to ensure whether your car requires oil, air, and fuel filter replacement.
Trust us to run a thorough check on your car and provide you with tune up list and cost estimate for your vehicle’s specific needs.
Signs that your vehicle needs tune up services

Warning lights

In most cases, when those little indicators on your dashboard that light up when turning on the ignition and that sometimes stay on are there for a reason. This may indicate a possible issue with your vehicle.

Poor fuel mileage

A sudden reduction in fuel mileage shows that your car isn’t functioning as efficiently as it should. Bring it for free inspection at CS Auto Care shop for tune up.

Hard starts

Are you experiencing rough time when you want to start your car? Either take several turns before it finally start, or couldn’t move when it finally get to start? This could be as result of dead battery or in some cases a defective host or starter issue. Other signs include, stalling, tough shifting, soft or noisy brakes.

As the top automobile shop in Abuja, we are dedicated to providing a quality automotive services to all our customers and that stood us out among the crowd. We deliver quality vehicle repair and replacement within the shortest period of time.

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